Saturday, May 9, 2009

Executive Birdhouse

This unique adventure is a result of my wife asking me to make a simple little birdhouse for the back yard of our new home tucked up in the woods in Birchrunville Pa.

Before you read any further click on each picture and take a moment to admire or ponder this wonderful peace of art. Study it carefully, inch by inch and let your mind explore "who could possibly live here". I'm not asking for a pat on the back because i have already been compensated for my efforts but i thought I'd share it with you.
You see it's like this,there really is someone who lives here and when they want to travel into this world of imagination or adventure, they come out of the side of their vine festooned home that has a large Rose window in the back of their living room overlooking "reality valley".
They carefully walk down the side steps attached to the side of the brick foundation structure to the spiral perch on the front of the home where the small exotic bird resides and awaits to serve. Then the little people gently hop on it's back with their shabby clothes and tattered shoes and hold on tight to the hand woven leather strap. With a little nudge to the ribs of the bird they quietly fly away as the breeze blows across their little wind burned wrinkled faces. Their green eyes water as they have to deal with not having any eye protection such as flight goggles.

So as to the pedestal that holds up this world of fun and fantasy and imagination I decided that this imaginative world needed an inner locking cross base embellished with the four magic Persian rugs complete with tassels on ends.

Above that is a pierced Gothic clover leaf style center post with heavenly stars that transforms into a open spiraling Flemish design of the "open Helix" which resembles life and the never ending world of the DNA Chromosome.

If you notice At the very top I placed a small carved birds nest and egg which is an Egg within an egg that moves freely but won't come out until "It hatches". When it does this will be the second generation of exotic birds that will replace the first if it ever passes on to the world beyond. If you can imagine with me on this tour of my Executive bird house will be worth the visit and perhaps inspire you to put down your remote control and be creative as well.

Oh yes, making a bird house! It started by visiting the local lumberyard, only to come home with a small arm full of Honduras Mahogany that I was told had washed up on the beaches of New Orleans after a ship had lost it's load at sea during a hurricane.

Now I really don't want to bore you with all the details of each stroke of my carving tool but I can say that it's design was progressive in every sense of the word. Basically i removed the wood that i didn't want and shazam!!! two years later there it was!!

I consider myself a natural born artist and this bird house like many of my projects I really do not know what the end result will be because it was one of those projects that I did as result of just being creative and doing what I thought would look neat. I suppose a person who sets out to draw or a composer of music some how reaches into the mind and comes up with all sorts of creative neat ideas and makes them happen just like I found myself doing on this project.

The way my mind works is, I work with an item until I'm done and I look at it and say, "there that's's Finished", "I like it", hopefully you do to.

I took my bird house to an Art gallery at the prompting of my children. The first person who came to the show walked in through the double doors to the gallery and stood for a moment, then walked straight to my piece and said "i would like to purchase this". It was the very first item to sell. After it was over I felt OK about it but i figured i could make another if i wanted to but i realized that it would never be the same.

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