Monday, September 19, 2011

To the new world

As you may have learned...It was the end of the free world as we knew it here in America. Within one year all oil wells had been officially capped, blown up(such as the BP oil well off the shores of Louisiana) and officially shut down by a single mandate of our newly elected socialistic Government under the umbrella of "Change","Hope" and spreading the wealth.

These new government policies left us as a nation without fossil fuel to heat our homes and to run our factories and fuel our transportation systems.

As in the past the U.N. was accusing the U.S.A of using up foreign oil deposits as a matter of "homeland security" so we could protect our oil supplies and survive longer if there became a new ice age.

Therefore in the last United Nations world consul they have decided and voted on a "Ten Year moratorium" that we can no longer operate as a free society and must take a back seat while communist third world governments such as Cuba, Venezuela, All South American Nations and South east Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,Burma, all African nations, all middle east countries etc. be given an equal opportunity to come up to an equal economic level as we have always enjoyed in our free society which we worked for.

Our commander and chief and the newly elected supreme court judge allows for a new agreed upon plan to change our constitution, "designed not to conflict with the humans rights policies of the U.N. also, a worldwide apology has been given and a strict compliance policy initiated while the U.N. and our Secretary of State has agreed to strip us of our individual gun rights, space age technology, medical achievements and capabilities.

By being politically correct under the guidelines of the U.N. we have lost our voice in the free press. Prisoners captured during the war on terror have been released to return to their parents home of origin because of a misunderstanding and human rights violations which states that: "All humans have a right to freely exists which also extends to Animals rights and all prisoners of our prior judicial system".

As suspected the highly publicized "Global Warming" scare, turned out to be a short lived scare tactic induced "money makers dream" that made billions of dollars to line the pockets of the attorneys, Washington elite class, Hollywood and the NEA. In the end it turned out to be a well oiled scam and hoax as the originators and green peace fans faded quietly into the background and the liberal news media were once again paid off under the table and once again protected the "Nobel peace prize winning recipient & thief by saying nothing.

Now that the winter season is rapidly setting in and the worlds masses are looking for "HOPE" and leadership in the White House, we have been given a temporary reprieve and authorization from Mother Congress and the U.N. under the direction of the Secretary of State, to probe deep into outer space for possible suspected oil deposits even though we are(as a known fact) sitting on billions of gallons of oil in our own reserves.

Former oil field workers have lost skills and interest in the trade. They have died or moved on to other promising career paths. The wells are overgrown, the rigs are rusted and broken down and loose parts pilfered and scrapped for a quick buck by opportunist from Mexico who are just trying to survive as they pass into the unbearable desert heat and exposure in the desert all along the unprotected southern boarders. Replacement parts for the rigs are not readily available and the technology is worthless because we've farmed out our engineering and manufacturing jobs to third world countries. Basically we have no one who understands our deli-ma as the masses stand in line for food stamps as they look for some change in their empty pockets.

In response, I have created a five foot Steam-Punk Oil Refinery Chandelier for my office as a model and symbol of private enterprise, ingenuity, creativity and art form(loud applause!!!, more APPLAUSE!!! People now standing with hands waving !!!).

This nuclear powered zeppelin style, "Deep Space oil Recovery & Refinery Airship probe chandelier" is fully equipped with a mammoth recovery storage tank which leaves the earth empty and returns full on round trip voyage.

As a matter of security it has a triple barrel chain fed 50 caliber machine gun, a cannon, two side bombs and a crane to load supplies. Several radars to detect unwanted aggression from alleged Aliens of the outer worlds perhaps like those in captivity at area 51.

The landing gear features two spring loaded skids equipped with Automatic drills that activate on impact to quickly tap into and extract rich oil deposits for the masses back home. The ornate laser guided nose cone shoots endless rays into the mountain sides to loosen up the hardened meteorite hard rock, typical of potential sites in the Arabian oil fields back home. In the back of this elaborate ship are four hooks to gently persuade additional items back to earth or to give tow to a flat tire on a UFO's that could be broken down along the celestial paths in outer space. The next few pictures are closeups of my work in progress in the lab which exposes the five prong jet propulsion system which holds my flame lights bulbs.

Applause!!!, Applause!!!

This is the 300 billion dollar, 2012 space "Colony" for the deep space oil recovery crew. It is the Noah's ark of the 21st century. The "Colony" is a sophisticated Top Secret Space Station that is equipped with five floors of computerized oil technology and information available at the finger tips of mechanical engineers, programers, data annalist and has a wide range of support groups and their families. These members are cross trained in military tactics, self defense, medical and Dental skills, food preparation and preservation. The individuals who have been carefully selected will board the Colony with their families just months before the much anticipated dooms day begins. Those who will board the Colony have been identified as the most physically fit, healthy, talented and creative individuals who have expressed a real heart felt passion for survival. The construction of this colony is a result of individuals such as you and I who have a passion for the survival of mankind and freedom in-spite of this much anticipated dooms day historical event. The project began when It was learned from inside traders that the BP oil well was deliberately blown up under the direction of the President and the trilateral commission; who later vehemently denied such activity as, "another skeptical nonsensical doomsday knee jerk reaction to the unknown demands of survival rhetoric, that financial opportunist are promoting in the media." As the Captain of this Space Station (The Colony)and the brainchild of the Deep space oil recovery Vehicle I have the responsibility of making sure that those who are on board are safe and secure on this open ended space probe which could result in a total disaster or the success story of the 21 Century.

My Face cannot be exposed for security reasons which if I were found out it could lead to someone trying to interrupt this delicate mission by an assassination attempt. As the world implodes on itself one can observe and evaluate the total unrest in the middle east where Muslim citizens are banding together to over throw their Governments , wars are being fought over the ownership of the oil fields. Russian influence is seen intervening with Turkey and Iran as they establish new alliances against Israel. America is split over it's own sovereignty as we look for ways to reword the U.S. constitution and bill of Rights with the objective of outlawing personal ownership of weapons or to take away the rights of parents as the NEA has successfully stolen our children's time and minds, or to hand over our military to the control to the NATO commands under the direction of the United nations as we invade countries such a as Libya.

We refuse to drill for oil on our own land to comply with the wishes of the Green peace communist and socialist moments and environmentalist such as Al Gore who have successfully peddle global warming rhetoric in our media and public schools to reap huge personal financial gains to line their pockets. As Japan is currently(04/12/2011)experiencing
multiple earth quakes it has been documented that it is the result of Scalar Electromagnetic bombardments from the Russians, and Chinese with a goal to swallow up the island and to disrupt the world free marketed economy. Other symptoms of the Scalar aggression are the thousand of the black birds that all died in flight on the same day in the south and the fish that died from being electron fried as they swam. see!5725175/why-are-thousands-of-dead-birds-suddenly-falling-from-the-sky See also
As the world we know, implodes on itself, the crew will be notified of the day and hour to arrive with their families to decontaminate and then enter the gates known as the docking station. On each side they will pass by the steel spirals holding up the archway with the letter"H" which is our symbol of Home which will give hope to the future. Even though this symbolic gate has been entered by the construction crews on a daily basis, this final day of boarding will change everything as we know it. The doors will systematically bolt shut and we will ascend into the outer layers of the earth atmosphere into outer space with a mission of bringing back oil or hydrogen gas to the free world when the earth wars subside and the devastation has ceased from the political power struggles and unrest that are generated from greed and evil. Communication is of the utmost importance to those who are left behind on earth in the deep hideaways and fortified survival bunkers so that they as well as the crew can keep abreast of the activities on earth. We have sophisticated fine tuned adjustable microwave antennas with back up power to both solar and nuclear generators to power this space craft for the next 125 years which will basically last longer than any crew member will need to survive. Our Communication networks will communicate daily with fortified underground survival bunkers see those who will be equally protected by the Top Secret earth shelters only known to the Colony Space Station Crew. />Propeller power will need to be maintained so that the Colony will be able to make inflight adjustments at the time of landing on the surface of the Earth. The propeller engine will automatically activate as the Colony approaches any given surface at the end of the voyage.

The unknown factors to encounter will be issues such as if there will be survivors on the earth, where will we ultimately land and will we be faced with elements such as tornadoes, torrential rain, sand storms or perhaps dense foliage which could interrupt the normal descending path on to the surface of the earth which in essence could cause a crash landing of the spacecraft and it may do extensive damage to the crew and equipment as well as the payload.

Extractions of space debris, obsolete satellites which can be used for spare parts and valuable energy sources will be used on the colony as needed. Therefore special hooks have been installed for such repairs and rescue and salvage missions. Other space vehicles are currently under construction and will surface prior to the doomsday event as time and security permits.

And so it was in the days of these united States of America, that we were cunningly lured into believing, that over the years of our existence, we had become too powerful and had developed a false sense of self importance that lead to arrogance and an equally false perception of being the "elite" in the world.

We literally existed in this delusional state of security for years while the rest of the world went to bed starving for food and clothing. We were told that we were guilty of "ravishing them" by stealing natural resources and talent from the poor Nations to make ourselves richer and too powerful.

Recognizing that we had failed to be what others wanted us to be, our nation set it's self on a suicide course of self denial and self punishing agendas which was monitored by and encouraged by the United Nations and world liberal propaganda advocates, who were funded by the communist and Socialist parties and various underground radical organizations who were directly linked to the New World Order lead by the Soviet Russian Empire and the Chinese government who were trying to appease the "HATEMONGERS" of the resurrected OTTOMAN EMPIRE of the middle east who ultimately wanted the JEWS destroyed and wiped from the face of the earth.

As we blindly stepped onto this course of self destruction, Our Nation turned it's face away from God our creator therefore embracing evil which resulted a delusional state of chaos which in turn caused our political and economic structure to rapidly collapsed and implode where upon we were quickly taken over by an irreversible evil element of vultures and opportunist that knew how stupid and incompetent we had become.

Only a few of us were able to see the overall picture and realized that we had to go immediately into survival mode to protect ourselves from being slaughtered much like those outcasts of Nazi Germany of WW-2.

Privately we contracted with select former NASA engineers who were laid off from the space program to help us design and construct a way out through the vehicles of the space age technology in order that we might find new areas to escape into outer space and start life over much like Columbus and others who came to America to reestablish freedom.

The Deep space oil recovery vehicles include the:

(Which extracts oil from other planets and supplies our lunar vehicles with fuel in addition to our solar panels)


(Which is our home away from home
and the HQ of the deep space oil recovery team)

THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER for all new arrivals

to congregate and reorient to the various Space Commanders,Policies, rules of engagement in case of alien encounters, boundaries, communication systems,

locations of other space vehicles and to be retrofitted with updated electronic equipment to make them compatible with the existing vehicles in operation and hopefully with others to follow as more tanks become available.