Sunday, July 29, 2012

Deep Space oil Recovery Helicopter and the Mono Pod Oil Rig Platform

When the Earthlings boarded their space ships in the confusion of a nuclear war they left everything behind only to be launched onto a treacherous journey to look for new life forms in outer space. First it was the powerful blast from the nuclear war which caused high levels of radiation to plume into the atmosphere then a firestorm instantly ravished the entire surface of the globe killing the masses from coast to coast causing a worldwide destructive tsunami and ultimately knocked the earth off of its axes. The sun blackened and shrunk in size and the moon was no longer visible. Then without missing a beat, a nuclear freeze occurred on the entire surface of the earth and into its deep oceans as life on Earth suddenly came to a halt!
Meanwhile, several years have passed and the winter storms have subsided on the planet Kludon which is seen from outer space as a gigantic ball of ice and yet it is now known for its vast wealth of rich crude oil which is being used to power the space ships.
When oil was initially discovered and extracted from the subsurface of Kludon, it was discovered that the crude contained unusual high levels of gold particles which are used by the earthlings.
The initial encounter with the inhabitants of this far away planet resulted in a violent confrontation that erupted into an all out war that to this day shows no signs of stopping. In the heat of the battle several Kludomites were killed and the wounded were apprehended by the earthlings only to realize that they possessed unusually high voltage currents (somewhat like electric eels) that shocked the earthlings.
The security technicians were able to harness this unusual source of power and the captured aliens are now an energy commodity and the source of electrical power for the various mono pod oil refineries on this planet.
The Kludomite population continues to show aggression and in response they are held off with tranquilizers by the earthlings and are placed in the exterior cages of the helicopters and flown directly to the Mono pod oil rig platforms where awaiting security forces board the massive deep space helicopter to remove the Kludomites with insulated gear to prevent electrocution.
Each prisoner is quickly moved to the lower level of the rig where they are photographed, counted, evaluated, and ultimately placed in the “Max power chamber” where they become the source of energy to keep the engine rooms running.
The electrical current of these strange looking creatures is so powerful that they react violently with the negative charge of the steel structure of the Mono Pod Oil rig, which causes sparks to fly as they are dragged across the flight deck to the lower levels with neck restraining collars attached to long fiberglass insulated poles. Life expectancy for the average Kludomite is six months or less even within their own harsh environment.
As they terminate through natural causes they turn into an orange powdery substance and are disposed of through the funnel chamber where they are ground up into a “fine grind” substance and disposed of through the south gate disposal slide.