Sunday, September 19, 2010


As I went into the bathroom this morning the dispenser fell off into my hands. Instead of looking for tools to fix this cheep residential dispenser I examined the situation and concluded that the remedy was to create a new Steam punk toilet paper stand out of discarded steel objects which is symbolic of waste.

Man for centuries has tried to improve on technology to make life a bit easier and less complex. Such upgrades may be as simple as a new improved mouse trap, the same mentality applies to a simple toilet paper dispenser for the bathroom.

The unique features of the new improved "STEAM PUNK TOILET PAPER STAND) make this unusual work of art a conversational piece and helps you relax as you review all the designs that are in front of you. Such as the drill Bits and hammer heads of which you can never have enough. The bottom line is this rack has slowed the roll down to a savings. The large rusty bolt creates drag on the roll and it doesn't spin as fast therefore iliminating alot of waste. Now that this has been made, other items will be in line to be developed such as a steam punk coat racks and steam punk paper towel dispenser or perhaps a steam punk toilet, tub or sink.

The Resurected Easel

How could you paint a picture of something you loved or imagined if you're easel was new? You wouldn't understand the depth of it unless you were old and gray, with wrinkles and rusty hinges, and retired flower vase holders held up by wood taken from a horse fence and parts from a civil war era pump organ, and a crank from an ole Victrola?
This easel can meet that special demand because I made it with the caricature and charm to inspire even the amateur painter such as myself. It is a stand that I made from a "late 1700 -1800's oak hand cranked water well drill apparatus" and a few features to increase its functionality and charm of years gone by. Perhaps now my brushes will express my heart and mind to yours with more credibility and soul even though my attempt at painting has much to be desired.

As I started to paint I soon realized that I needed a cloth to wipe off my brushes and to keep the areas around me dry. So I came up with a towel,rope and pulley & weight assembly. When you dry out your brush, you pull out on the towel to dry off your brush and the weight goes up. When you let go the towel goes back to its original spot. (Loud applause from audience)!!!

I have found that after a day at work and the worlds demands are still pressing on my mind I have found that learning to paint has become one of my great escapes. So on the left there is a small bronze ball valve which is symbolic of letting off "steam". Painting helps you relax, unwind and think of something more personal as it helps you relieve some mental stress. I find it to be a positive experience, mentally stimulating and therapeutic.

This feature is a pair of converted flower arrangement holders made into a brush holders, one for each side. Under the work surface on the left is a bean soup can to hold longer brushes, whereas the one on the right is used for the shorter ones.

These are two ornate walnut woodcarvings that I salvaged from an antique pump organ from the 1860's(Civil war era) made by the Packard Organ Company in Fort Wayne Indiana, and is now being used as my supports for the work surface, which at one time was a portion of a rail on a horse fence.

This Chain assembly was once used to hold a gate closed on a dairy farm and has now been modified to hold the front of the easel frame to the back. It too has symbolic value of....." once you start to paint, you're hooked on a new adventure".

This is hand crank from an antique 1920’s Victrola. These kinds of parts are out there but hard to throw away if you have an artistic eye. So today it became useful again as a symbol of... "Cranking out new ideas".

Many times when trying to use items that are dated and very old, rot is an issue that has to be dealt with. In this project one of the legs had rot from being exposed to dirt and water.
After cutting it off and setting it aside I had to come to the point where I needed something to hold down the canvas and this is now converted to do just that.

Now the blurred "Mouse" picture below (upper left hand corner of the easel is for all of us who are addicted to painting which sometimes takes you into the wee hours of the morning after everyone else has fallen asleep. You are staring at your canvas working the brushes, then your head bobs, the sleep seeds being to creep up your back and slide on into your eyes after which the sandman takes over and causes you to be tired enough take out the dog one last time, check your e-mail and news, turn out the lights and lock the doors and carefully slide in bed

and say with a whisper good night dear :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aiden's flying Machine

There once was a young man man name Aiden who lived all by himself in a little tin and wooden shack made from wooden crates and scrap tin that he picked up at the ship yard. These crates were once used in the big ships to move machines from one country to another. Aiden built his house at the junk yard where he worked next to the river in the middle of the city near the airport. His house wasn't very big but it did keep him warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In his house he had a dog and a cat to keep him company and a table and two chairs, a lamp to read his news paper and a bed to sleep on when he was tired.

Every day when the sun came up over the city, the big airplanes would start up their engines and rattle his little house. The noise would always wake up his dog and cat and at 8 o'clock sharp the People from the city would cross over the big metal draw bridge and come to "Aidens's junk" yard. They always lined up their cars and trucks at the gates and would honk their horns at the same time for him to get up and open the gates to his junk yard for business so they could bring him their scrap metal in exchange for some money. By the end of the week Aiden was always tired and dirty from working so hard and he was always out of money because he spent it all week long on the metal.

When the pile of scrap steel became taller than Aiden's little house he knew he could no longer see the drawbridge and it was time for him to call in the tug boat to bring in the ships so they could load up the metal and sell it to the steel mill. At the steel mill they would melt down the metal and would make new toys for the children in the city and cars and trucks for the moms and Dads and airplanes for the airport. Then Aiden would would get more money for next weeks customers to pay the people at the gates early on Monday morning.

Every day Aiden could see the big airplanes as they flew real close to the ground and would tip their wings over his little house near the river as they headed south to the long white beaches along the east coast. The people inside were always excited because they were going on summer vacation!
They would wave and smile at Aiden outside of their windows as they disappeared into the clouds like a little dot in the sky.

Then the big tourist boats would blow their whistles and honk at him as they passed under the drawbridge next to his junk yard and the people on board would stand and wave as they passed him by.
Aiden loved his job but he also dreamed of someday being able be rich enough to take a break and to go on vacation like everyone else did from the big city.

Then one day Aiden got a brainstorm and decided to do something about it when he found an old rusty boat that sank in the river and an old broken down airplane that had arrived from the airport scrap yard.

Aiden carefully cut up the metal and welded it all night long, when he was done he put a chair with a cross on top so he could see where he was going and he made the wings so they flew like bat wings.

He put a cannon in front of his chair to make loud noises so the other boats would know that he was near by.

Soon he had the most unusual steam powered flying machine that looked allot like a river boat airplane on wheels.

Yes this was "Aiden's flying Machine" so he could fly to the east coat when ever he wanted to and he could sail in the ocean when ever he wanted to rest.