Sunday, September 19, 2010


As I went into the bathroom this morning the dispenser fell off into my hands. Instead of looking for tools to fix this cheep residential dispenser I examined the situation and concluded that the remedy was to create a new Steam punk toilet paper stand out of discarded steel objects which is symbolic of waste.

Man for centuries has tried to improve on technology to make life a bit easier and less complex. Such upgrades may be as simple as a new improved mouse trap, the same mentality applies to a simple toilet paper dispenser for the bathroom.

The unique features of the new improved "STEAM PUNK TOILET PAPER STAND) make this unusual work of art a conversational piece and helps you relax as you review all the designs that are in front of you. Such as the drill Bits and hammer heads of which you can never have enough. The bottom line is this rack has slowed the roll down to a savings. The large rusty bolt creates drag on the roll and it doesn't spin as fast therefore iliminating alot of waste. Now that this has been made, other items will be in line to be developed such as a steam punk coat racks and steam punk paper towel dispenser or perhaps a steam punk toilet, tub or sink.

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