Saturday, April 9, 2011

Steam Punk oill recovery Space Craft "The Probe" "

I've been told that am a story teller and with that encouragement my natural instinct tells me that I need to attempt to tell how this adventure all happened.

It was the end of the free world as we knew it here in America. Within one year all oil wells had been officially capped, blown up(such as the BP oil well) and officially shut down by a single mandate of our newly elected socialistic Government under the umbrella of "Change","Hope" and spreading the wealth.

These new government policies left us as a nation without fossil fuel to heat our homes and to run our factories and fuel our transportation systems.

As in the past the U.N. was accusing the U.S.A of using up foreign oil deposits as a matter of "homeland security" so we could protect our oil supplies and survive longer if there became a new ice age.

Therefore in the last United Nations world consul they have decided and voted on a "Ten Year moratorium" that we can no longer operate as a free society and must take a back seat while communist third world governments such as Cuba, Venezuela, All South American Nations and South east Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,Burma, all African nations, all middle east countries etc. be given an equal opportunity to come up to an equal economic level as we have always enjoyed in our free society which we worked for.

Our commander and chief and the newly elected supreme court judge allows for a new agreed upon plan to change our constitution, "designed not to conflict with the humans rights policies of the U.N. also, a worldwide apology has been given and a strict compliance policy initiated while the U.N. and our Secretary of State has agreed to strip us of our individual gun rights, space age technology, medical achievements and capabilities.

By being politically correct under the guidelines of the U.N. we have lost our voice in the free press. Prisoners captured during the war on terror have been released to return to their parents home of origin because of a misunderstanding and human rights violations which states that: "All humans have a right to freely exists which also extends to Animals rights and all prisoners of our prior judicial system".

As suspected the highly publicized "Global Warming" scare, turned out to be a short lived scare tactic induced "money makers dream" that made billions of dollars to line the pockets of the attorneys, Washington elite class, Hollywood and the NEA. In the end it turned out to be a well oiled scam and hoax as the originators and green peace fans faded quietly into the background and the liberal news media were once again paid off under the table and once again protected the "Nobel peace prize winning recipient & thief by saying nothing.

Now that the winter season is rapidly setting in and the worlds masses are looking for "HOPE" and leadership in the White House, we have been given a temporary reprieve and authorization from Mother Congress and the U.N. under the direction of the Secretary of State, to probe deep into outer space for possible suspected oil deposits even though we are(as a known fact) sitting on billions of gallons of oil in our own reserves.

Former oil field workers have lost skills and interest in the trade. They have died or moved on to other promising career paths. The wells are overgrown, the rigs are rusted and broken down and loose parts pilfered and scrapped for a quick buck by opportunist from Mexico who are just trying to survive as they pass into the unbearable desert heat and exposure in the desert all along the unprotected southern boarders. Replacement parts for the rigs are not readily available and the technology is worthless because we've farmed out our engineering and manufacturing jobs to third world countries. Basically we have no one who understands our deli-ma as the masses stand in line for food stamps as they look for some change in their empty pockets.

In response, I have created a five foot Steam-Punk Oil Refinery Chandelier for my office as a model and symbol of private enterprise, ingenuity, creativity and art form(loud applause!!!, more APPLAUSE!!! People now standing with hands waving !!!).

This nuclear powered zeppelin style, "Deep Space oil Recovery & Refinery Airship probe chandelier" is fully equipped with a mammoth recovery storage tank which leaves the earth empty and returns full on round trip voyage.

As a matter of security it has a triple barrel chain fed 50 caliber machine gun, a cannon, two side bombs and a crane to load supplies. Several radars to detect unwanted aggression from alleged Aliens of the outer worlds perhaps like those in captivity at area 51.

The landing gear features two spring loaded skids equipped with Automatic drills that activate on impact to quickly tap into and extract rich oil deposits for the masses back home. The ornate laser guided nose cone shoots endless rays into the mountain sides to loosen up the hardened meteorite hard rock, typical of potential sites in the Arabian oil fields back home. In the back of this elaborate ship are four hooks to gently persuade additional items back to earth or to give tow to a flat tire on a UFO's that could be broken down along the celestial paths in outer space. The next few pictures are closeups of my work in progress in the lab which exposes the five prong jet propulsion system which holds my flame lights bulbs.

Applause!!!, Applause!!!

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  1. I love the narrative! and the contraption! Where do I sign up to be the .50 cal operator?