Monday, April 11, 2011

Steampunk oil recovery spacecraft "Saturn"

And so it was in the days of these united States of America, that we were cunningly lured into believing, that over the years of our existence, we had become too powerful and had developed a false sense of self importance that lead to arrogance and an equally false perception of being the "elite" in the world.

We literally existed in this delusional state of security for years while the rest of the world went to bed starving for food and clothing. We were told that we were guilty of "ravishing them" by stealing natural resources and talent from the poor Nations to make ourselves richer and too powerful.

Recognizing that we had failed to be what others wanted us to be, our nation set it's self on a suicide course of self denial and self punishing agendas which was monitored by and encouraged by the United Nations and world liberal propaganda advocates, who were funded by the communist and Socialist parties and various underground radical organizations who were directly linked to the New World Order lead by the Soviet Russian Empire and the Chinese government who were trying to appease the "HATEMONGERS" of the resurrected OTTOMAN EMPIRE of the middle east who ultimately wanted the JEWS destroyed and wiped from the face of the earth.

As we blindly stepped onto this course of self destruction, Our Nation turned it's face away from God our creator therefore embracing evil which resulted a delusional state of chaos which in turn caused our political and economic structure to rapidly collapsed and implode where upon we were quickly taken over by an irreversible evil element of vultures and opportunist that knew how stupid and incompetent we had become.

Only a few of us were able to see the overall picture and realized that we had to go immediately into survival mode to protect ourselves from being slaughtered much like those outcasts of Nazi Germany of WW-2.

Privately we contracted with select former NASA engineers who were laid off from the space program to help us design and construct a way out through the vehicles of the space age technology in order that we might find new areas to escape into outer space and start life over much like Columbus and others who came to America to reestablish freedom.

The Deep space oil recovery vehicles include the:

(Which extracts oil from other planets and supplies our lunar vehicles with fuel in addition to our solar panels)


(Which is our home away from home
and the HQ of the deep space oil recovery team)

THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER for all new arrivals

to congregate and reorient to the various Space Commanders,Policies, rules of engagement in case of alien encounters, boundaries, communication systems,

locations of other space vehicles and to be retrofitted with updated electronic equipment to make them compatible with the existing vehicles in operation and hopefully with others to follow as more tanks become available.

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