Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eating Live Lizards!!!!

When ever a new Marine arrived at the consulate or Embassy, we did the usual introductions, shake hands and pleased to meet with you questions such as, “where are you from? What was your last duty station and what was your job (MOS). Rank was pretty obvious because it was on your uniform.
Then it was our turn to expose who we were and to show them around the quarters and the town, party a bit and tell what we were all up to as well. On this one occasion one of the new guys who was from North Carolina asked us if it were true that Marines ate lizards and snakes.
Naturally eating lizards was a challenge to us, and we had never discussed such a topic nor attempted such a feat. At this same time we were walking along a concrete wall beside us low and behold there was a light green lizard about 3 inches long bathing in the sun clinging to the wall!!! As we both spotted it,
Eating live lizards Gary Baron (a friend of mine from Indiana) said, “Yea we eat lizards just like that one”. Of course they wouldn’t believe it unless they witnessed it. To which I replied, ”they’re really not that bad, as I snatched it off the wall then popped it in my mouth! I quickly chewed it up as it squirmed and fought for its life. The tail was whipping around and my teeth crunched its bones as the guts hit the side of my mouth. Then the grand swallow and it was over!!!!! I did managed to gross them all out, but I had huge gains of respect! We all screamed ooooooooooooorha!!!!!!!!!!!!

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