Saturday, May 16, 2009

They took everything

One Sunday afternoon after church we arrived at home via the back alley and my mom gasp and began to cry…. The neighbors had stolen her entire garden!!!! They took it all. Every plant was gone and not even a trail was left except for a couple of bean plants through Jessie Smiths back yard could be seen. Jessie was our neighbor next to us. He allowed the neighborhood kids to hang out in his house and they would yell at us through his bathroom window. His house had gray simulated asphalt brick siding and there were two cherry tree’s in the back yard which he allowed us to eat from in the summer.

Another Sunday after church we found all of our bikes stripped down to the frames and lying next to the garage as they had stolen the tires, handle bars and seats. We never did find who did it, because “they did it”.

Then one day the hillbillies moved out and we had been away at a thanksgiving dinner at my Grandmothers house. We all had paper routes so we had to come home early. We brought our cousins with us and took a tour of the old brown house that was left wide open. The first thing I recalled was the stench of urine in every room. While on the tour I took a sledge hammer and busted he toilet and tub into pieces, the banisters on the steps were busted out and the kitchen sink destroyed by the time we all left. We casually left “The old Brown House” with a feeling of winning the battle …. It was a year before anyone ever moved back in. Eventually the house was torn down.

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