Saturday, May 16, 2009

He pulled the fire alarm!!

It is true that bad company corrupts good morals and on this one day I found out that I was no exception to the rule.
As I was walking home from school one afternoon, I said to Robert my friend, “I wonder what would happen if someone pulled the fire alarm on the telephone pole”? Just like that Robert went over and said, I don’t know, let’s find out”! So he yanked on the lever which broke the piece of glass and the alarm was activated!!!

Just like that we started running as fast as our feet would carry us and soon we began to hear the fire trucks screaming towards us. Then I stopped and said to Robert, “we shouldn’t run away from the fire alarm box, we need to walk slowly towards it because someone will see us and report us”.

So together we agreed to go back to where the trucks were going. By this time the crowd had gathered around the alarm box the firemen concluded that it was a false alarm and so they packed it up and went back to the fire station.

All went well until the next day when Robert and I were promptly called into the principles office and we were both questioned by the Principal Mr. Dean and then spanked with a wooden paddle. Evidently Robert had told some of his buddy friends what had happened and the word spread like wild fire. It really didn’t matter that I personally didn’t pull the alarm but it did matter to the principal that I was in the company of the perpetrator.

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