Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wash my mouth!!!!!

One day on the way out the door as I was headed for work at the Embassy, I told Moktar our house servant that the bathroom (head) was dirty, I told him to find a brush and clean around the toilet. After all, Five Marines and a dirty bathroom was not uncommon. He reassured me he would do his best. Moktar and I got along pretty good and I knew he liked his job.

That next morning after I arrived back at the Marine House after staying up at the Embassy on a night shift I decided to take a shower and jump in bed. The Bathroom was spotless and I was pleased with his desire to help. I brushed my teeth and began to gag as the tooth brush foamed up in my mouth.

I could tell it had been used to clean the urine around the base of the toilet. I couldn’t wash my mouth out fast enough as I was shocked and angered at the same time.

Later we finally got a brush just for the bathroom and I found out that a tooth brush was never herd of by the average Tunisian. Both Moktar and I survived but it was one of my first important lessons in communications.

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