Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Rabbit sent from God

Recently I received a phone call from my wife to tell me that I needed to pick up my son Elijah at my daughter Bethany’s house after I was done at work. As I locked up the shop I placed a quick phone call to let him know that I was on my way, but no one seemed to answer. When I arrived at my daughter Bethany’s house no one was there, so I realized that they must have had taken him home.

As I got back into my truck I spotted a little black and white bunny rabbit sitting on the stone driveway hopping around. I got out and put my hands out to pick it up but the rabbit not knowing who I was ran off. I had tried to catch it but I guess it wasn’t for me. Then as I went to get back in the truck and I saw it again hopping under their pickup truck and so I took a leaf and wiggled it in front of its tiny nose.

Slowly it hopped over to me to take a whiff and an inspection of the leaf. Then I carefully reached down and picked it up and held it next to my chest while I drove the truck home. Grace saw me as I pulled in the drive way and our eyes met as I held up the rabbit for her to see. Her eyes got big as dollars and a smile bigger than life appeared on her face. She couldn’t believe her eyes as she ran towards the truck. She was so ecstatic and happy to have another rabbit, that she actually carried it around for the rest of the day.

Well, it’s been three weeks since I caught the cute little white and black rabbit.

Today I received a sad phone call with big tears to tell me that her old rabbit had died and that she wanted to bury the rabbit and not to send it out with the trash. I reassured her that together we would have a proper burial for her pet rabbit.

When I got the call at work, I too got all choked up when I heard my little girl cry her heart out over the death of her old bunny which she got from Uncle Nathan. My eyes began to glass over with tears as I felt the pain being expressed in her voice. She told how she would go to the cage to feed it, and it would put its paws up on the side of the cage and wait for her to put the feed and water in the bowl.

As Grace went to bed tonight she asked me to pray with her as I often do. Her eyes filled with tears as she too asked God to comfort her because of her loss. She told God that; “it was probably best, because it wouldn’t have to suffer anymore and that she understood why it had to die”.
I couldn’t help but think of how great God is… He actually orchestrated the entire situation of providing Grace with a new little rabbit. He knew her rabbit was sick and didn’t have long to live. God also knew that she needed a replacement bunny to have and to hold.

The chances of me coming across a rabbit that was tame just few weeks before the other rabbit died, was so impossible, unless you consider that Gods hand was in it from the beginning to the end. God is truly a “wonderful provider” even for his little children who believe and put their trust in him.

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