Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trash Can diplomacy

As a kid in school there were those who always had to show who was the boss and would push their way around the crowds just to be in charge of “what ever”.
Doug was one of those kids that was big for his age and would come up to you and knock your books out of your hands, then as you went to pick them up he would shove you to the ground and kick you in the ribs. He made his point no matter where you met him, he just didn’t like you.

One time he saw me on the paper route and would chase after me and put a certain fear in me and I never trusted him.
One day I noticed that he had a friend that tagged along and together they would terrorize me by throwing rocks at me or knocking me off of my bike.

This hillbilly behavior continued until one day on the way home from school I spotted his friend who was alone and was starting to approach me as he made it known that he too wanted a piece of the action. As he approached my blood pressure began to increase as I clinched my fist in defense of my own space and honor.

I recall it was a cold damp foggy winter day and there was snow melting into puddles. The sidewalks had ashes from the coal furnaces sprinkled on them to provide some friction to keep you from falling down. Then as he shoved me I stood my ground and wrestled him into the wet ground below us. I was so upset with him and the adrenaline began to kick in and pump through my veins. As we fought I could see that my efforts were beginning to pay off. So I beat with my fist until I saw a trash can and lid next to the spot where he and I were making life difficult and settling our differences.
Then I grabbed the galvanized lid off the can by the handle and used it as I smashed him over and over again!! His coat and shirt where dripping wet when we called it quits and he cried as he ran all the way home. His Mom later on stopped me on the paper route and asked why I beat him up and ripped his shirt.

I really didn’t have a prepared answer for her accept for the fact that: “if he ever attacked me again I’d do the same thing all over”. After that I never saw him again. But as for Doug he too left me alone even though the glares and stares continued when ever I saw him.
Years later I saw him on the street after I had graduated from Marine Corps Boot camp, I couldn’t help but laugh at him because I knew I had finally gained the upper hand.

In the scripture It says to “resist the devil and he will flee from you, and to draw nigh unto God and he will draw nigh to you”.

I can’t help but realize that we are approached daily by Satan, he wants us to fail and he wants a piece of the action. He wants to smear us in the face of God. However we too can win these battles when we see Satan tempting us as he approaches. We can stand firm as he pushes us and fights with us. However with the full armor of God we can resist his aggression. Once we see how the Power of God is with us we too can gain in confidence and fight the good fight knowing that defending ourselves against the wilds of the devil will cause him to flee.

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