Monday, May 11, 2009

Who is this Jesus?

Today I briefly pulled into a garage sale because i saw a vintage chair that caught my eye, but as it turned out it was not for sale and my time spent there ended up being at least an hour.While i was there i engaged myself in a conversation as i often do with the husband who was 84 years old. We talked a bit about my dad who had recently died and some of the issues of political nature. As we talked he told me how his mom was a strong Catholic and how he became a Methodist and was also a member of the Masonic Lodge. He also let me know that he believed that as long as you believed in a supreme being that you would be saved. After about an hour of talking to him about the Lord i had to once again bring it back to whether or not he believed in Jesus as his savior. All it did was stir the pot, but on the other hand I was instrumental in giving God the glory and establishing a moment that someone did in fact tell him about Jesus Christ and his responsibility before God to make a decision. So... with that said my question to you the reader is: Do you know Jesus? If you do I'm sure you won't be offended by me talking to you about him.
First of all, not everyone is a believer in Christ and will not be in heaven some day even though they have good intentions to serve a "Supreme Being" . They never have been and they never will be until that day that they stand in front of Him. According to the Scripture "every Knee will bow at the feet of Christ" on judgment day. You don't have to agree with me and i did not ask you to but It's just what I've read in the scripture and i believe it. As you can imagine countless numbers of books have been written about various individuals who claim to be gods, but i can assure you that there is one at the top of the pile and it is the one and only true God. It is God who created us, and the world we live in and was worshiped by Abraham, Issac and Jacob. He was the hope throughout history that men such as Martin Luther, and Charles Spurgeon, Billy Sunday, and D. L Moody and Billy Graham, Chuck Smith, Alistair Begg,Adrian Rodgers and others spoke of with great passion for the souls of the lost. We as a Family continue worship God and have placed our confidence and trust in His Son Jesus Christ who shed his blood on the cross for our salvation. May I say this...The story of Jesus demands that you to say "i believe" or "i don't believe" and yet no matter which way you lean time will prove that He lived and still lives to this very day because He is the one and only God. For those of you have believed, you will be offended by this painting of our Lord being beaten and humiliated by these merciless Godless individuals. And for those of you who aren't believers you will not moved by such evil being administered!!! My hope is that you will see Jesus as the "hope" in your life and for this world. I once spoke with a man who said, "Oh yea, we did that "Jesus thing" when we went to some church and went down an isle and we all gave our hearts to Jesus!!". What a tragedy that this was a person who thought it was just a "thing" to do.
I personally know God from what I've seen and what I've read and experienced and I can assure you that it all makes sense and it is what makes me who i am this very day. Churches don't save people only Jesus does because it was he who paid for our sins and made a way for us to spend time and eternity serving God through Jesus.

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