Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Balancing board"

There was a time we all marched off in single file to the gym. When we arrived we had to do what ever the teacher told us to do, such as take off our shoes so they wouldn't scratch the floor!!
We were told to touch your toes, touch the ceiling and wiggle our fingers and run around the gym single file 10 times. Of Course there were those who cheated and cut corners so they would be first in line at the "balancing board".
The balancing board consisted of a well worn dark green 2" x 4" x 12' turned on its side that had two boards nailed under it to hold it up. The balancing board was located up on the stage of the old 1800's brick school house near the thick velvet burgundy curtains that hung on both sides of the stage. Some of the kids would hide in the curtains until they were yelled at by the teacher that no one liked.
We convinced ourselves that if you fell off the "balancing board" we would get wet and the alligators would bite us. Everyone played along just because it was the thing to do.
As little kids this was quite the challenge to make it to the other side as we held out our little arms as far as they would go to help in the balancing act, as we carefully took calculated steps. When we made it to the other side we looked back in awe and we even anticipated that our classmates would show some short of sign of approval such as a heartfelt hand clap or a "yah hooooooo great job!!!!!!!; For those of us who were just common kids no one seemed to care if we made it at all.
However, if you lost your balance and fell off the board the teacher was quick to remind you of your inability to perform which made you feel like a fool and a failure in front of all the other kids in the class. I would relive the event during the day because of its challenge and soon realized that this was serious business and that I too had to make it across in one try.
Many years have come and gone and it dawn on me today that nothing has changed from those moments back in the 2nd grade. We still experience the balancing boards of life such as making it through college, getting through the holidays without going broke or working at a new job, paying our taxes, mortgages, and all the bills that eat us alive every month. Or perhaps dealing with those who manipulate our time as they put us through a little routine as they sit and watch us struggle and they remind us of our failures. Sometimes we even expect a good hardy clap from those around us as we think back and tell our stories of survival.
I have found that when a person is going through the balancing act of life such as tragedies or difficult times it is important to come along beside them and encourage them in the Lord and to help them out in what ever way you can and cheer them on as they attempt to make it to the other side.
As believers in Christ we have been commanded to help the unfortunate and to pray for one another. My perception is not to be too quick to suggest consul or Christian programs when they have immediate needs such as food, clothing or transportation. As we go through the “balancing board experiences of life”, is important because it builds our faith in Christ.
I have also found that if we loose our balance or sense of direction and sometimes fail to meet the expectations of others around us, we can be assured that those burdens can be laid to rest at the feet of Christ and He will never leave us or forsake us. What a wonderful Christ we have as our teacher and friend.

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