Saturday, May 16, 2009


Forts played an important roll in my life as a child; I built them when ever and where ever I could throughout the neighborhood and from the attic to the basement. I’m not sure why I built them but they soon became a place of refuge. It was a place for me to hide and a place to ponder and perhaps to dream. As a family, we lived on the east end of Huntington. My Dad always thought it was rude that everyone referred to our area of town as the “East End” , while every other area was referred to as the “North Side” or “South Side” of Huntington!!

Swan Street started on one end with a city park and the Wabash a Railroad and at the other end, was State Street and the Wabash river which caused the basements to backup with sewage when the floods came in the spring time when the ice thawed.

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