Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where is She?

One evening while I was at Fort Belevior in Virginia, I had been working an evening shift a Security guard at a top secret military installation while I was going to college.
I recall standing at the main entrance gate thinking about what was the utmost most important thing in life and how it related to me. I concluded that God and his word were most important but it was always confusing to hear so many different opinions on what was “thee truth”.
So I began to pray because I was at a point in my life were I knew I needed real direction and answers. Even though I was at work , I was feeling like crap and lonely.

But it all changed, I began to pray, “God I'm tired of running and I want to serve you and you alone.. so I’m asking for three things (1) I want to find a pastor who could teach me the truth about who you are. (2) You know how my efforts have failed to find my right woman, but what I really want is who you want me to have (I was tired of the dating scene because the magic just wasn’t there and I would date the wrong types, some of which I never knew there names)
. And # (3) I need a real job that I could support her and I.”

To my surprise in the next three days she walked by me and I casually asked her what she was looking at. (Long story short we dated three times in the next three weeks and I ask her to marry me. We knew we were meant for each other. We’ve been married 29 years, and we’ve raised six wonderful kids. Lined up are Sarah, Benjamin, Samuel, Elijah, Grace).

The Job landed me in the hot and dry Simpson Desert of Alice Springs Australia. At the joint defense Space Research Facility and the contract lasted for a year and a half.
My Time in the desert was a time to get away from the world as I knew it and to study Gods word on my off hours. I made allot of money and yet the time alone was so important to my spiritual condition. My Wife’s family had introduced me to a tape ministry out of Texas and I was able to listen in the evening about God and his word. Now I listen to a guy on the computer to Dr. Adrian Rogers online free at He’s really an encouragement.

When I fulfilled my contract of eighteen months were over, I came home and we got married on April 1st 1978 in Gale parents home.

God truly has been sooo gracious to us and provided for our needs over the years.
A few years ago my beautiful wife was physically run over by our family 3,000 lbs SUV Yukon ,

She had a skull fracture, crushed leg, dislocated shoulder still has issues we are dealing with such as hearing loss in one ear and vertigo. I know first hand how much we are troubled by such trauma and unexpected issues that we are constantly challenged by. As I went to the Lord in prayer I soon realize how much I had to be thankful for knowing that the creator of this universe had a plan and a purpose in all of this. I saw how many people came to visit her and care for her. I saw how it brought our family closer and to care for her. I saw how she became more in tuned with the reality of love and compassion for the needs of others. I hope my thoughts are not offensive to you but i truly have learned to care for those who suffer.

While I was in Australia I traveled up into Indonesia to the island of Bali Indonesia.

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