Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chest bumping with God

When my kids were younger I use to boast to them that I could wrestle them to the floor with one finger. I could and I did it until they grew up. To this day they remember it and those fun and somewhat frustrating moments of loosing to Dads finger.

Just yesterday a man and his wife in their late 50's walked into my business to have me restore a piece of furniture for them. Four hours later, I said goodbye to him and his wife who had driven from Hicksville Ohio to stop by my shop. The conversation went from furniture restoration into a deep conversation about the meaning of salvation through Jesus Christ, did Christ really die? Was there such a thing as a Virgin birth? Was it truth or a grand hoax? Is there such a thing as salvation through faith, loyalty, heaven etc?
Quite the conversation all of which I wish I had a recorder to go back and play it again. This guy could quote scripture and yet cleverly twist it to fit his view and to challenge God himself.
My conclusion was that:
A. There are those who know the truth and yet work twice as hard to find fault with it to justify their prideful life style and human view point.
B. This conversation was important because it was an obvious opportunity that God placed in front of me to witness to and encourage.
C. Through my type of business I may be the only person who could talk to this couple about the love of Christ. (What a privilege).

D. God has a way of wrestling each one of us sortive like Jacob and the angel, but be assured, He does it in love because he would that none should perish (Unfortunately many do perish into a eternity separated from God because of pride).
As it turned out, this customer told me that he was an ordained minister in the Lutheran Church. Unfortunately he did not defend the faith, there was not a thread of love of Christ in his speech, and there was no hope in his conversation.
What a sad situation. We need to pray that God will convict this couple of a need to have a renewed love and relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.
I may not have all the answers for those who have once known the truth and yet walked away from it. However, the final answer will come when every knee will bow on its own and declare that Jesus Christ is truly Lord and King.

There is no name above Our Lord.

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