Saturday, May 16, 2009

Under construction

Yes it’s true that in the heart of every man there is something that is deceitfully wicked. I was no exception to this rule because I too have had to struggle with the temptations of life that have knocked at my door. I too have done things that I have been ashamed to admit when my stupidity got the best of me. I can’t explain it all except that I’m still under construction as long as God allows me to breathe. I remember an incident when I was standing guard at a government building in downtown Saigon in Vietnam after the troop withdrawal. Late in the evening hours after everyone had gone home, I heard a crunching noise and flipped on a light only to see hundreds of cock roaches scamper for cover. They hid as quickly as they could and I squished as many as possible until the floor was a slimy mess. Cock roaches by nature hate light because they naturally function under the umbrella of darkness. God tells us that we as believers are to turn from our wicked ways and that we are no longer bound by the powers of darkness. Approval lust lies and pride all go hand and hand but they are not of God. He tells us in his written word, “be sure your sins will find you out.” It may be true that for a moment we may have a bit of fun until we are exposed but sooner or later we need to turn from our wicked ways and serve our living God.

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