Saturday, May 16, 2009

Complicating the truth

I have concluded that no matter what you name, big or small; everything God has made is complicated and intricately designed to the point where it cannot be fully understood. As an example, when God made the universe he made it so vast and yet so delicate that we cannot begin to realize it how diverse it is in natural resources, mineral deposits wildlife and of course the human factor which complicates the purity of the system as we rearrange, populate and pollute the earth.
If we observe the human body we quickly become confused by what we don’t know even though we have lived in it and studied it for thousands of years.
I recall going through grade school and being asked to repeat what I had just heard only to be frustrated with the inability to repeat or explain the statement or even the concept. It just would not stick in my head. As an example, if someone read off some numbers such a 2,3,4,5,2,9 and ask me to repeat it I’d typically transpose the numbers by saying 9,2,5,4 and then forget the rest. I must’ve been a teacher’s nightmare.
Language was an area where I never could break down a sentence and identify a noun, predicate, verb, adverb, compound sentence. Higher math was just as confusing, and so went the gamut of learning. My lack of concentration and scholastic achievements frustrate teachers who would get upset and roll there eyes, breathe deep, and put their hands on their hips and stomp off with their red correction marker and a self importance complex.
As I’d begin to read a book all the words quickly transposed themselves into a vast blur of little black objects on a page only to find myself thinking about some distraction that would fill my head such as a simple yard sparrow that was chirping outside as it was scratching for food, or a fort that I had built, or the fact that the teacher was upset with me for not concentrating.
I couldn’t get it out of my mind that she was upset with me. I would get embarrassed very easily in front of my classmates. When the teacher was upset, I would shut down and learning was not an option. Self Pity would set in and I could not move on until my nerves would settle down and I would have to figure out a way to process the negative mental turbulence that passed through my mind.
However all was not a loss because subjects such as history, art, and Industrial arts became an area that I could excel and I would make A’s or B’s.
Being a right brain thinker or visual person or “A. D. D.” was never discussed or heard of. Those concepts were just being explored and developed by the head bangers and “brainyack’s” of the modern universities.
Over the years of being exposed to a wide variety of Family responsibilities, world travels, political issues, objects and disciplines as well as job opportunities and the school of hard knocks, I was able to survive to a point of being able to communicate and confuse those who said I’d never make any thing out of myself unless I got a college degree.
What I think is really interesting, God understands these complex issues that we get ourselves into as humans who try to better ourselves with educational achievements. However when it comes to our soul, God made a simple plan that doesn’t take complex terminology or hoops to jump through to be Saved. God’s word tells us to simply believe in His Son Jesus and the work He did on the cross.
“Belief”, it is that simple, nothing more and nothing less. As a kid that concept was even twisted and complicated because of those that presented it with false precepts about the fact that you had to “pray through to be saved”, or “you could loose your salvation” plus all of the external taboo’s such as no smoking, no drinking, no cussing, no dancing, no movies, no cards, no dice etc. Gossip was ok as long as it was presented as a prayer request or a concern.
Various denominations, church doctrines,(such as Baptism for salvation, or penitence), and dynamic equivalence translations of the scripture which challenges God, as well as the self righteous who hold their noses high enough to drown when it rains all complicate and muddy the simple message of Jesus Christ.
“Believe on the Lords Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved”. Does that sound complicated? He will do the rest if we put our trust in Him. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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