Saturday, May 16, 2009

Burnt Veal

After returning from the rifle range on one Hot day, our platoon marched off to the mess hall as everyone was tired and a bit on edge. So like every one else this good ole Indiana boy made my way through the mess line to get some grub. Just then a Black Marine slammed a piece of burnt veal on my stainless steel plate and said to me, "There honky is a piece of your ASS"!!!!
So I yelled back at him and said, "doesn’t Look like white ASS to me.. It looks more like Black ASS!!!
Then like lightning striking a transformer on a telephone pole, I saw four black servers coming around the food table after me with knives and steel plates. Just as fast I quickly jumped out of line and to my surprise a drill instructor stood in front of me and grabbed me and told me sit across from him to eat.
As the offended backed off and watched from a distance I couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for me.
As soon as I was done the drill instructor told me to go out and stand on the parade deck and keep my mouth shut. Soon every one emptied out of the mess hall and got into platoon formation. Soon we marched to the barracks as the drill instructor shouted out his commands. When we arrived at the barracks I herd, "platoon halt, left face". As we stood there the drill instructor proceeded to say, "we seem to have a private PHENICIE who is a racist!!! In my defense I yelled back, "Sir that's a lie!!! He yelled back, "shut up"!!
So from then on I was dubbed as a racist but I also gained a certain respect for talking back at the drill instructor which is something you never do. It wasn’t long before I graduated from basic training that I participated in several barracks fights from Marines who couldn't let it rest.
I loved the part where everyone was fighting as mop handles and buckets were used to beat the crap out of each other. The drill instructor appeared in the squad bay and blew the whistle and the entire barracks was full of Drill instructors.
No one got in trouble. Well I guess it was obvious that we had learned how to fight! Love ya all!! Black or White we were all young and dumb and itching to fight! Come on Man, it doesn’t matter what color you are, just learning how to kill the enemy!!! And if it makes you feel better I love veal but not Burnt!!!

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