Saturday, May 16, 2009

Provisions from the hand of God

Several years ago when we lived in Grabill my son Benjamin came to me one evening and said, " Dad I’m hungry and there is nothing in the frig except for the stuff you put on hot dogs. I told him that even though we were out of food some how God will take care of us.
We were a family of eight and I had been laid off from a job that paid $6.50 per hour as a cabinet maker It wasn’t too long before we truly ran out of food, money and we were at a financial stand still which was very painful.

I told Benjamin that I wanted him to trust in God to provide for us, and in the mean time go out and roll up the windows in the ford escort because it was going to rain. No sooner had he left the back door of our old brick house that i herd him yell “Hey Dad there's turkey in the car!!!!!"

I ran out thinking a real turkey but to my surprise the car was full of groceries???!!!!!!!!! To this day i do not know who put the food and money in our car, but I will tell you this, God saw our need and provided food and money for our family.

This was not a luck thing; this was the direct hand of God. Praise be to God!!!!!!!!!!! This was a great example of trusting in God that Benjamin and our entire family was able to observe first hand.

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