Saturday, May 9, 2009


When I worked as a customer service representative at a Pool and Spa manufacturing company I would answer questions all day about damaged goods, pool installations and various issues related to each product that we made.

I began each day by sitting down in a big black leather chair with a fresh cup of coffee and the telephone console would light up at 08:00 and it would be my cue to talk to the "world" all day about their various issues.

In time I found out that when the power goes off in the winter the spa freezes into a big block of ice.
Some people didn't like dark Spas because out west poisonous snakes would drop out of nearby trees into the spas and lay on the bottom in the foot or seat wells and present a deadly hazard to those getting in.

I learned all about the problems of fiberglass which would bubble and de-laminate in the bottom of the foot wells and sometimes customers would get cuts on the sharp edges. On the pool liner side I would get calls from neighbors who would tell on the next door neighbor and tip us off that the children were using wooden poles to jump across the pool. This would poke holes in the bottom and the water would drain out.

Then there was a point where I actually took an interest in the job to a level where I would encourage the people to send in a picture of their pool or Spa so i could see it. As i developed a little desk side collection of photo's of different applications of the same product I would take the pictures and look for the one who out did them all with bricks and arbors and trellises and sidewalks, landscaping etc.

Then one day I received a disturbing phone call from a lady who claimed to have contracted "spa-mania" / Hot Tub Follicular and a Staph infection from the spa water.

I ask her how often she changed the water and she said at least twice a year as recommended. I soon realized how unsanitary spas were because they were a breading ground for bacteria as the pumps circulate the water in and through the plumbing. The bacteria would multiply and cling to the sides of the tub and in the walls of the plastic plumbing pipes. Naturally when your done you turn it off and the spa cools down and then the polluted water is reheated every time you get in it. There are those who allow parties in their spas and everyone climbs in with their skanky dirty bodies

Your arm pit skank, open sores, body fluids and microscopic feces waste in everyone's crevices all get mixed into the water and naturally fester all day and night and the bromine and chlorine chemicals don't kill it all. As a matter of fact the layer of slime and grime that clings to the walls are prof of the unsanitary conditions of these expensive luxury items

Then i got to thinking about it.
Spa's are like the containers of the sins of man. For those who introduce sin (bacteria) into your lives, the issues and confusion becomes enlarged to a point where it causes physical damage. Although on the surface everything looks great there are problems behind the surface that will cause you harm. The answer is to Change your water frequently(confess your sins daily) clean up your life through Christ. My point is HOT TUBS and Souls are "UNCLEAN" because they aren't cleansed properly. Confession through Christ is the only way to be reassured that your heart is cleansed.


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