Monday, September 1, 2014

"The Moulin Rouge Cinema Cat"

My Cat Yetti is a good ole cat that I specifically told my wife that we did not need another cat in our home. We had been through this before with allergies, litter boxes, shedding and getting loose in the neighborhood, cats crawling up under our wheel well of our SUV and riding ten miles or so away  without us knowing it was under the vehicle ..........we were not a cat i thought. So on this day my wife agreed and instead she brought home a cute little kitten (not a cat) to which i was challenged as to what i thought was best for our family needs. As time went on we all developed a love for our cat so i decided to build a special Moulin  Rouge Cat House for Yetti. Complete with a revolving pillow platform on top and real antique ivory steps from an antique piano.Poor Yetti, the premiere cat of all times. 


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