Monday, March 31, 2014

“The Reaper”


When the earthlings landed the Kludonites were quickly alerted of our arrival and immediately fought against us in a surprise ambush and captured many of our crew and staff. What we did not realize was that when the earthlings landed on planet Kludon for the first time all of the foliage had been electronically connected, therefore making it impossible to go undetected.  The Kludonites were therefore use to this routine from other aliens that tried to land before and were prepared for such an invasion.

 Now that our forces were being held against their will in the underground, our recorders and implanted body sensors connected with their location and it was quickly decided to blow up the surface of Kludon with force to gain access to our people in the underworld and to bring them home alive. 

As an aggressive measure to survive the mission of the Ship “Reaper” was made to mow down the foliage and destroy anything that was in its path. Unfortunate Kludonites that were captured in the process were rounded up and secured in the holding cage above until negotiations and conditions were safe to release them.

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